Theory Of Nonlinear Structural Analysis: The Force Analogy Method For Earthquake Engineering

A comprehensive book focusing on the Force Analogy Method, a novel method for nonlinear dynamic analysis and simulation.

This book focusses on the Force Analogy Method, a novel method for nonlinear dynamic analysis and simulation. A review of the current nonlinear analysis method for earthquake engineering will be summarized and explained. Additionally, how the force anal

Practical Food Safety: Contemporary Issues And Future Directions

The past few years have witnessed an upsurge in incidences relating to food safety issues, which are all attributed to different factors. Today, with the increase in knowledge and available databases on food safety issues, the world is witnessing tremendous efforts towards the development of new, economical and environmentally-friendly techniques for maintaining the quality of perishabl

Uncertain Futures: Communication And Culture In Childhood Cancer Treatment

This book examines children and young people s attempts to participate in conversations about their own treatment throughout uncertain cancer trajectories, including the events leading up to diagnosis, treatment, remission, relapse, and cure or death.

Clearly and compellingly written, Clemente relies on a new multi–layered method to identify six cancer communication

Aquaculture Ecosystems: Adaptability And Sustainability

Aquaculture Ecosystems contains a thorough and exciting synthesis of current information on aquaculture practices and substantial discussion of the way forward in transforming the aquaculture industry by improving its sustainability. This important book includes discussion of all the current major issues relating to aquaculture practices in relation to the ecology of their situations, e

Small Area Estimation, 2nd Edition free ebook


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Small Area Estimation, 2nd Edition

Praise for the First Edition

"This pioneering work, in which Rao provides a comprehensive and up–to–date treatment of small area estimation, will become a classic…I believe that it has the potential to turn small area estimation…into a larger area of importance to both researchers and practitioners."

Journal of the Americ

One-dimensional Metals: Conjugated Polymers, Organic Crystals, Carbon Nanotubes And Graphene, 3rd Edition

Low–dimensional solids are of fundamental interest in materials science due to their anisotropic properties. Written not only for experts in the field, this book explains the important concepts behind their physics and surveys the most interesting one–dimensional systems and discusses their present and emerging applications in molecular scale electronics. Chemists, polymer a

Neuroanatomy And Pathology Of Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease

As indicated by its title, this monograph deals chiefly with morphologically recognizable deviations from the normal anatomical condition of the human CNS. The AD-associated pathology is illustrated from its beginnings (sometimes even in childhood) to its final form, which is reached late in life. The AD process commences much earlier than the clinically recognizable phase of the disord