Driven By Eternity: Make Your Life Count Today And Forever

What will your eternity look like?

What if you learned you were part of an experiment where the next 24 hours would determine the quality of the rest of your life? Everything from the job you hold to the neighborhood and house you live in will be tied to how you navigate a single day. How would you approach those 24 hours? Would you be intentional, or would you leave things to chance

Psychics, Healers & Mediums: A Journalist, A Road Trip, And Voices From The Other Side

Since the dawn of time, people have been fascinated by those who claim to have extraordinary psychic abilities. The fascination has reached a fever pitch with the rise of modern media.It is safe to say that many of these folks are either extraordinary frauds or extraordinarily deluded. But could some of them be legitimate? Do some people actually possess psychic gifts that can be used to hel

Finding God In My Loneliness free ebook


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Finding God In My Loneliness

Young or old, single or married, male or female—at some point in life, we're all confronted with loneliness. We try to fill the void or change our circumstances so we no longer feel the pain. But what if our pangs of loneliness are meant to point us to something greater?

Looking at various aspects of loneliness, Lydia Brownback reminds us of God's power to redeem our loneliness and

Undead Apocalypse: Vampires And Zombies In The 21st Century

Exploring how the figure of the vampire has been infused with the language of science, disease and apocalypse, while the zombie text has increasingly been influenced by the trope of the 'reluctant' vampire, Stacey Abbott shows how both archetypes are actually two sides of the same undead coin.

Drawing The Holocaust: A Teenager’s Memory Of Terezin, Birkenau, And Mauthausen

by Michael Kraus (Author)

Twelve-year-old Michael Kraus began keeping a diary while he was still living at home in the Czech city of Nachód but continued writing while a prisoner at Theresienstadt (Terezín). When he was shipped with other prisoners to the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, all of his writings were confiscated and destroyed. After his liberation and while convalescing

Controversy Of The Ages: Why Christians Should Not Divide Over The Age Of The Earth

Few topics have generated as much heat amongst evangelicals as the age of the earth and the doctrine of creation. Three camps have emerged to offer solutions: young-earth creationists (Answers in Genesis), old-earth creationists (Reasons to Believe), and evolutionary creationists (BioLogos).

Controversy of the Ages carefully analyzes the debate by giving it perspective. Rather than of

Radikal Lieben: Anstöße Für Die Zukunft Einer Mutigen Kirche

»Wir brauchen eine neue Erweckungsbewegung, eine neue Glaubwürdigkeit.« (Heinrich Bedford-Strohm)

500 Jahre und was dann? Was wird aus einer Kirche, die zahlenmäßig kleiner wird in einer Gesellschaft, die sich ihrer christlichen Wurzeln immer weniger bewusst ist. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm bringt die Wirklichkeit des Christentums in einer pluralen Gesellschaft mit den biblischen Vis