Harry Freedman - Storia Del Talmud free ebook


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Harry Freedman - Storia Del Talmud

«La storia del Talmud è la prova di quel che può accadere, nel bene e nel male, quando la letteratura propria di una cultura viene in contatto, a volte in conflitto, con le credenze e i valori di un’altra cultura. Ma mostra anche le conseguenze che si manifestano su una società chiusa e autonoma quando i suoi testi fondamentali entrano in relazione con nuove idee provenienti dall’est

Steps To A New Edition Of The Hebrew Bible free ebook


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Steps To A New Edition Of The Hebrew Bible

Our understanding of the textual history of the Hebrew Bible has been transformed in the wake of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hendel explores and refines this new knowledge and formulates a rationale for a new edition of the Hebrew Bible. The chapters situate The Hebrew Bible; A Critical Edition project in a broad historical context, from the beginnings of textual criticism in late

The Marvelous Pigness Of Pigs: Respecting And Caring For All God's Creation

From Christian libertarian farmer Joel Salatin, a clarion call to readers to honor the animals and the land, and produce food based on spiritual principles.

What on earth is THE MARVELOUS PIGNESS OF PIGS? It's an inspiring call to action for people of faith . . . a heartfelt plea to heed the Bible's guidance . . . .

It's an important and thought-provoking explanation of how by

Al-radd Al-jamil- A Fitting Refutation Of The Divinity Of Jesus

Al-Radd al-jam l attributed to al-Ghaz l (d. 1111) is the most extensive and detailed refutation of the divinity of Jesus by a Muslim author in the classical period of Islam. Since the discovery of the manuscript in the 1930 s scholars have debated whether the great Muslim theologian al-Ghaz l was really the author. This is a new critical edition of the Arabic text and the first complete Eng

Yearbook Of Maimonides Centre For Advanced Studies free ebook


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Yearbook Of Maimonides Centre For Advanced Studies

The series Jewish Thought, Philosophy, and Religion aims to present a wide spectrum of studies and texts related to Jewish thought, philosophy, and religion - from antiquity to the present. It seeks to highlight the multiplicity of approaches within Judaism and to shed light on the interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish thought. The series includes monographs, collected essays, and e

As Kingfishers Catch Fire: A Conversation On The Ways Of God Formed By The Words Of God

Living Out the Word Made Flesh

Sixty years ago I found myself distracted, Eugene Peterson writes. A chasm had developed between the way I was preaching from the pulpit and my deepest convictions on what it meant to be a pastor.

And so began Peterson's journey to live and teach a life of congruence—congruence between preaching and living, between what we do and the way we do i

The Bhagavad Gita: A Guide To Navigating The Battle Of Life

A new translation of the great classic—with wide-ranging, multi-traditional commentary that emphasizes its practical advice for living with integrity.

All there is is Krishna.

Upon hearing this famous and enigmatic line from the Gita's seventh chapter when he was a boy, Ravi Ravindra embarked on a journey to understand its deep meaning. The search led him far beyond the tradi