Web Dynpro ABAP for Practitioners free ebook


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Web Dynpro ABAP for Practitioners

Web Dynpro ABAP, a NetWeaver web application user interface tool from SAP, enables web programming connected to SAP Systems. The authors’ main focus was to create a book based on their own practical experience. Each chapter includes examples which lead through the content step-by-step and enable the reader to gradually explore and grasp the Web Dynpro ABAP process. The authors explain in

Cooperative Communications and Networking: Technologies and System Design

Cooperative and relay communications have recently become the most widely explored topics in communications, whereby users cooperate in transmitting their messages to the destination, instead of conventional networks which operate independently and compete among each other for channel resources. As the field has progressed, cooperative communications have become a design concept rather than a s

Computational and Data Grids: Principles, Applications and Design

Grid computing promises to transform the way organizations and individuals compute, communicate, and collaborate.

Computational and Data Grids: Principles, Applications and Design offers critical perspectives on theoretical frameworks, methodologies, implementations, and cutting edge research in grid computing, bridging the gap between academia and the latest ach

Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications free ebook


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Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications

A crucial reference tool for the increasing number of scientists who depend upon sensor networks in a widening variety of ways. Coverage includes network design and modeling, network management, data management, security and applications. The topic covered in each chapter receives expository as well as scholarly treatment, covering its history, reviewing state-of-the-art thinking relative to th

Dynamics On and Of Complex Networks, Volume 2: Applications to Time-Varying Dynamical Systems

This self-contained book systematically explores the statistical dynamics on and of complex networks with a special focus on time-varying networks. In the constantly changing modern world, there is an urgent need to understand problems related to systems that dynamically evolve in either structure or function, or both. This work is an attempt to address such problems in the framework