Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel free ebook


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Shopaholic to the Stars: A Novel

#1 New York Times bestselling author Sophie Kinsella returns to her beloved Shopaholic series with Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) newly arrived in Hollywood and starry-eyed. She and her two-year-old daughter, Minnie, have relocated to L.A. to join Beckys husband, Luke, who is there to handle PR for famous actress Sage Seymour. Becky cant wait to start living the A-list lifestyle, complete with

Rose Gold: An Easy Rawlins Mystery free ebook


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Rose Gold: An Easy Rawlins Mystery

Rose Gold is two colors, one woman, and a big headache. In this new mystery set in the Patty Hearst era of radical black nationalism and political abductions, a black ex-boxer self-named Uhuru Nolica, the leader of a revolutionary cell called Scorched Earth, has kidnapped Rosemary Goldsmith, the daughter of a weapons manufacturer, from her dorm at UC Santa Barbara. If they don't receive the mon

The Royalist free ebook


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The Royalist

It is 1645 and England is embroiled in a bitter and divisive Civil War. William Falkland former royalist cavalier is languishing in Newgate, awaiting what he assumes will be his execution. When he finds himself taken from his cell, hooded and shackled, he even welcomes his fate. However, he finds himself taken not to the scaffold, but to Oliver Cromwell himself. This is no normal conflict and Falk

The Key: A Novel (Ruin Trilogy) free ebook


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The Key: A Novel (Ruin Trilogy)

Simon Toynes breathtaking international bestseller, Sanctus, had critics everywhere cheering, calling the author the new Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) or Steve Berry (The Jefferson Key), while praising Toynes debut thriller as “remarkable,” “thrilling,” “provocative,” “haunting,” and “spectacular.” The adventure continues with The Key, returning readers to the dark world of a sinister religiou

Cold Courage (Studio) free ebook


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Cold Courage (Studio)

A gripping psychological thriller debut by award-winning Finnish author Pekka Hiltunen–skillfully paced, intense, and intelligent When Lia witnesses a disturbing scene on her way to work, she, like the rest of the city of London, is captivated and horrified. As details unfurl in the media, the brutal truth emerges–a Latvian prostitute has been killed, her body run over by a steamroller an

The Silver Falcon free ebook


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The Silver Falcon

Eleven-year-old William yearns for the life of a falconer–training the magnificent birds of prey for the favored sport of medieval Englands nobility. But in the boys clubfoot his mother sees a sign from the gods: like the legendary Hephaestus of ancient mythology, William is bound to wield a blacksmiths hammer. So his future lies in the smoky foundries of a swordmaker rather than the rolling fi

Adultery: A novel free ebook


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Adultery: A novel

The thought-provoking new novel from the international bestselling author whose words change lives. Linda knows she's lucky. Yet every morning when she opens her eyes to a so-called new day, she feels like closing them again. Her friends recommend medication. But Linda wants to feel more, not less. And so she embarks on an adventure as unexpected as it is daring, and which reawakens