Science Fiction And Extro-science Fiction free ebook


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Science Fiction And Extro-science Fiction

In Science Fiction and Extro-Science Fiction, Quentin Meillassoux addresses the problem of chaos and of the constancy of natural laws in the context of literature. With his usual argumentative rigor, he elucidates the distinction between science fiction, a genre in which science remains possible in spite of all the upheavals that may attend the world in which the tale takes place, and f

Imperial Genus: The Formation And Limits Of The Human In Modern Korea And Japan

Imperial Genus begins with the turn to world culture and ideas of the generally human in Japan’s cultural policy in Korea in 1919. How were concepts of the human’s genus-being operative in the discourses of the Japanese empire? How did they inform the imagination and representation of modernity in colonial Korea? Travis Workman delves into these questions through texts in ph

Sign Languages Of The World free ebook


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Sign Languages Of The World

Sign Languages of the World is a one-of-a-kind handbook covering38 of the world's deaf sign languages and auxiliary sign languages. Each sign language has a dedicated chapter, written by experts for the volume. The book includes contributions from both deaf and hearing scholars.

The Monstrous World: Corporeal Discourses In Phlegon Of Tralles’ «mirabilia»

Revenants, oracular heads, hermaphrodites, sex-changers, human-animal children, multiple pregnancies, births, body features … This is just a sample of subjects that Phlegon of Tralles explored in the 2nd century AD in his "Mirabilia". This study identifies the common motifs of Phlegon’s text and determines his criterion of selection: using the cultural category of

The Museum Of Modern Love free ebook


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The Museum Of Modern Love

A mesmerising literary novel about a lost man in search of connection - a meditation on love, art and commitment, set against the backdrop of one of the greatest art events in modern history, Marina Abramovic's The Artist is Present.

She watched as the final hours of The Artist is Present passed by, sitter after sitter in a gaze with the woman across the table. Jane f

Geontologies: A Requiem To Late Liberalism free ebook


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Geontologies: A Requiem To Late Liberalism

In Geontologies Elizabeth A. Povinelli continues her project of mapping the current conditions of late liberalism by offering a bold retheorization of power. Finding Foucauldian biopolitics unable to adequately reveal contemporary mechanisms of power and governance, Povinelli describes a mode of power she calls geontopower, which operates through the regulation of the distinction betwee