Marginalisation And Aggression From Bullying To Genocide

In this book, the author proposes the existence of a continuum of aggressive marginalisation phenomena, ranging from the unfortunately commonplace experiences of prejudice, discrimination and bullying behaviour, through to genocide. Attempts made by researchers and practitioners to understand, counter and prevent bullying behaviour are reviewed. A key finding has been that the success that h

Gender In The Vampire Narrative free ebook


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Gender In The Vampire Narrative

Gender in the Vampire Narrative addresses issues of masculinity and femininity, unpacking cultural norms of gender. This collection demonstrates the way that representations of gender in the vampire narrative traverse a large scope of expectations and tropes. The text offers classroom ready original essays that outline contemporary debates about sexual objectification and gender norms using

Cees Nooteboom - Cerchi Infiniti free ebook


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Cees Nooteboom - Cerchi Infiniti

Certi viaggi hanno l’obiettivo segreto di «estraniarti dalle tue origini», «scardinarti l’esistenza»: «soltanto allora sei stato veramente via, così altrove da essere forse diventato un altro», scrive Cees Nooteboom, infaticabile esploratore di culture, riguardo al paese che conserva per lui un fascino unico: il Giappone. Cerchi infiniti raccoglie i suoi testi più illuminanti su

The Poetic Edda: Translated From The Icelandic With An Introduction And Notes (in Two Volumes)

The Poetic Edda: Translated from the Icelandic with an Introduction and Notes (In Two Volumes)

The Poetic Eddas are the Old Norse oral literature of Iceland, which were finally written down from 1000 to 1300 C.E. The Eddas are a primary source for our knowledge of ancient Norse pagan beliefs. This translation of the Poetic Eddas by Henry Adams Bellows is highly readable.

The po

Explorations in Learning and the Brain: On the Potential of Cognitive Neuroscience for Educational Science

English | PDF | 2009 | 82 Pages | ISBN : 0387895116 | 900 KB

The past decade has witnessed efforts on the part of research, education and policy communities to create a dialogue about the potential relationship between cognitive neuroscience and the science and practice of education. The upsurge of interest in neuroscience in general has given rise to increased attention to the role of

American Political Plays after 9/11 (Theater in the Americas)

English | 2010 | ISBN: 0809329549, 0809385554 | 304 Pages | PDF | 1,4 MB

American Political Plays after 9/11 is a diverse collection of bold, urgent, and provocative plays that respond to the highly charged, post 9/11 political landscape. Sparked by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and subsequently fueled by a series of controversial events-the Iraq war, the passing and enforcem

Performing Violence: Literary and Theatrical Experiments of New Russian Drama

2009 | ISBN: 1841502693 | English | 240 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

The so-called New Russian Drama emerged at the end of the twentieth century, following a long period of decline in dramatic writing in the late Soviet and post-Soviet era. In Performing Violence, Birgit Beumers and Mark Lipovetsky examine the representation of violence in these new dramatic works by young Russian playwrights. Reflec