Pleasures And Days And Memory / Les Plaisirs Et Les Jours Et Souvenir Short Stories By Marcel Proust: A Dual-language Book

Set amid the salon society of fin-de-siècle Paris, these captivating tales offer satirical and moving depictions of metropolitan life. Proust's stunning debut chronicles the lives, loves, manners, and motivations of a fascinating cast of characters. These philosophical reflections, brief narratives, and prose poems established the 22-year-old author as a remarkable collector

Mia San Mia: Die Andere Geschichte Bayerns free ebook


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Mia San Mia: Die Andere Geschichte Bayerns

Seit die »Boiari« aus dem Nebel der Völkerwanderung aufgetaucht sind, halten sie sich für etwas Besonderes. Nichtbayern, Nachbarn oder Feinde (was für die Bayern eigentlich immer dasselbe war) sehen das mit einer Mischung aus Abscheu und Bewunderung, aber sie nehmen es hin. Denn bei den Bayern entfaltet die Geschichte ihre ganze Farbigkeit, malt das Geschehen

Art And Myth Of The Ancient Maya free ebook


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Art And Myth Of The Ancient Maya

This nuanced account explores Maya mythology through the lens of art, text, and culture. It offers an important reexamination of the mid-16th-century Popol Vuh, long considered an authoritative text, which is better understood as one among many crucial sources for the interpretation of ancient Maya art and myth.

Using materials gathered across Mesoamerica, Oswaldo Chinchi

Articulating The Action Figure : Essays On The Toys And Their Messages

Action figures are more than toys or collectibles–they are statements on race, gender, class, body positivity and more. This collection of nine new essays and one interview argues that action figures should be analyzed in the same light as books, movies, television shows and other media. Through an examination of the plastic bodies that fill our shelves and toy boxes, 'Action

Improving Schools: Productive Tensions Between The Local, The Systemic And The Global

This unique book explores school improvement policy – from its translation into national contexts and school networks to its implementation in leader and teacher practices in individual schools and classrooms within this network of schools and its impact on students’ learning.

It draws on multiple conceptual and theoretical resources to explore the complexitie

The Fantasy Fiction Formula free ebook


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The Fantasy Fiction Formula

There's more to writing a successful fantasy story than building a unique world or inventing new magic. How exactly is a plot put together? How do you know if your idea will support an entire novel? How do you grab reader attention and keep it? How do you create dynamic, multi-dimensional characters? What is viewpoint and do you handle it differently in urban fantasy than in traditional epics

Diversifying The Teaching Force In Transnational Contexts: Critical Perspectives

Diversifying the teaching force has become a priority in many migrant-receiving jurisdictions worldwide with the growing mismatch between the ethnic backgrounds, cultures, languages, and religions of teachers and those of students and families. Arguments for diversification tend to be couched in terms of disproportionate representation and students from minority backgrounds needing positive