Friends of God: Islamic Images of Piety, Commitment, and Servanthood

Prophets, saints, martyrs, sages, and seers—one of the richest repositories of lore about such exemplary religious figures belongs to the world's approximately 1.3 billion Muslims. Illuminating some of the most delightful tales in world religious literature, this engaging book is the first truly global overview of Islamic hagiography. John Renard tells of the characters beyond the Qur

Islam vs. Islamism: The Dilemma of the Muslim free ebook


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Islam vs. Islamism: The Dilemma of the Muslim

Islam vs. Islamism introduces the Islamic world's diversity, conflicts, and dilemmas—its origins, extraordinary creativity, and current crisis, the result of its unhappy encounter with Western modernity. Particular attention is given to Islamism, Islam's radically antimodern and often violent revision that is causing turmoil in the Middle East and beyond.

Islam in Post-Soviet Ukraine and Crimea free ebook


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Islam in Post-Soviet Ukraine and Crimea

Arraid, an association of Islamic organisations in Ukraine, traces its origin back to the Islamist movements in the Middle East and it has some strong family resemblance to the Muslim Brotherhood. This book offers a balanced analysis of this new phenomenon in Ukraine with the help of insights from the Social Movement Theory (SMT). By approaching Arraid and its links to the European Council for

Cases on Muslim Law of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh

Muslim law is an integral part of the South Asian legal system; and case law plays a major role in its interpretation, application, and development. The book provides the readers, through a judicious selection of principal judicial decisions, with an adequate number of fact situations, and gives them a clear idea of the basic principles and rules of the law and their application by the courts.

Secrets of Voyaging: Kitab al-isfar 'an nata'ij al-asfar

Ibn ’Arabi is one of the greatest writers of mystical literature of any era. The voyages recounted in the enigmatic Secrets of Voyaging offer readers an inexhaustible source of reflection on the nature of the journeys of life. This unique book explores the theme of voyage and spiritual unveiling as it plays out simultaneously in the cosmological, scriptural, and mystica

Britain Through Muslim Eyes: Literary Representations, 1780-1988

The Muslim as a cultural category has come under increasing, most often hostile, scrutiny in Euro-America over the last four decades or so. As a result, the field of Muslim literary studies has emerged to shine a spotlight on the exciting body of literature by authors of Muslim heritage writing back to Islamophobic stereotypes. However, this academic oeuvre too often assumes that this literatur

War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction free ebook


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War and Occupation in Iraqi Fiction

The last three decades in Iraqi history can be summarized in these words: dictatorship, war and occupation. After the fall of Saddam's regime Iraqi novelists are not only writing about the occupation and current disintegration of Iraq but are also revisiting previous wars that devastated their lives. Ikram Masmoudi examines how recent Iraqi fiction about war depicts the Iraqi subject in its