Machines and Signs: A History of the Drawing of Machines

This volume addresses the cultural, technical and ethical motivations of the history of drawing of machines and its developments step by step. First it treats drawings without any technical character  then the Renaissance with its new forms of drawing  the 18th century, with orthographic projections, immediately used by industry  the 19th century, including the applications of dr

 Mechanical Systems, Classical Models: Volume II: Mechanics of Discrete and Continuous Systems

This second volume of "Mechanical Systems, Classical Models", deals with the dynamics of systems consisting of discrete particles as well as continuous systems. While differences between these models are highlighted, the generality of the proofs and corresponding computations yields results that are expressed in a common form for both discrete and continuous systems. The author explai

Composites with Micro- and Nano-Structure: Computational Modeling and Experiments

This book presents new results in the knowledge and simulations for composite nano-materials. It includes selected, extended papers presented in the thematic ECCOMAS conference on Composites with Micro- and Nano-Structure (CMNS) – Computational Modelling and Experiments. It contains atomistic and continuum numerical methods and experimental validation for composite materials reinforced wi

Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonlinear Engineering Dynamical Systems: State-of-the-Art, Perspectives and Applications

This volume contains the invited papers presented at the 9th International Conference “Dynamical Systems — Theory and Applications” held in Lodz, Poland, December 17-20, 2007, dealing with nonlinear dynamical systems. The conference brought together a large group of outstanding scientists and engineers, who deal with various problems of dynamics encountered both in engineering

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Vehicle Dynamics

 Comprehensively covers the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics with application to automotive mechatronics
 Presents a number of different design, analysis and implementation considerations related to automobiles, including power requirements, converters, performance, fuel consumption and vehicle dynamic models
 Covers the dynamics, modeling and control of not only th

Mechanics of Advanced Materials: Analysis of Properties and Performance

The last decades have seen a large extension of types of materials employed in various applications. In many cases these materials demonstrate mechanical properties and performance that vary significantly from those of their traditional counterparts. Such uniqueness is sought – or even specially manufactured – to meet increased requirements on modern components and structures relate