News From Tartary: An Epic Journey Across Central Asia

News from Tartary describes a phenomenally successful attempt that legendary adventurer Peter Fleming made to travel overland from Peking to Kashmir. The journey took seven months and covered about 3,500 miles. and Motivated largely by curiosity, he set out with his companion Ella Maillart across a China torn by civil war to journey through Xinjiang to British India. It had been eight years

Long Hard Road: Nco Experiences In Afghanistan And Iraq

Long Hard Road recounts the experiences of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps in Afghanistan and Iraq.The goal of the book is to preserve the history of the US Army Noncommissioned Officer and to provide future noncommissioned officers with an understanding of the actions necessary to prepare Soldiers and to lead them in war. The US Army Sergeants Major Academy undertook a program to gather a

Machines That Made History: Landmarks In Mechanical Engineering

With full colour and black & white images, this hardcover, photographic book highlights 100 key landmarks in the history of mechanical engineering, devices or innovations that have shaped the world.

“The products of mechanical engineering sustain the very fabric of modern life. Some are obvious, like the automobile; some hide behind casings, like the disk drives of computers. Someti

Teaching, Learning, And The Holocaust : An Integrative Approach

Classroom study of the Holocaust evokes strong emotions in teachers and students. Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust assesses challenges and approaches to teaching about the Holocaust through history and literature. Howard Tinberg and Ronald Weisberger apply methods and insights of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to examine issues in interdisciplinary teaching, with a focus on th

Jewish Rights, National Rites: Nationalism And Autonomy In Late Imperial And Revolutionary Russia

In its full-color poster for elections to the All-Russian Jewish Congress in 1917, the Jewish People's Party depicted a variety of Jews in seeking to enlist the support of the broadest possible segment of Russia's Jewish population. It forsook neither traditional religious and economic life like the Jewish socialist parties, nor life in Europe like the Zionists. It embraced Hebrew, Yiddish,

Teaching The I Ching (book Of Changes) free ebook


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Teaching The I Ching (book Of Changes)

Chinese traditional culture cannot be understood without some familiarity with the I Ching, yet it is one of the most difficult of the world's ancient classics. Assembled from fragments with many obscure allusions, it was the subject of ingenious, but often conflicting, interpretations over nearly three thousand years. Teaching the I Ching (Book of Changes) offers a comprehensive study at a

State Correspondence In The Ancient World: From New Kingdom Egypt To The Roman Empire

This book introduces the reader to the state correspondences of centralized states and empires of the Mediterranean and the Middle East from the 15th century BC to the 6th century AD, and analyses their role in ensuring the success and stability of these geographically extensive state systems.

Letters play an important role in the cohesion of early empires, by enabling reliable and co