Slavery In Small Things: Slavery And Modern Cultural Habits

Slavery in Small Things: Slavery and Modern Cultural Habits isthe first book to explore the long–range cultural legacy of slavery through commonplace daily objects.

Offers a new and original approach to the history of slavery by an acknowledged expert on the topic

Traces the relationship between slavery and modern cultural habits through an analysis o

The New Mountaineer In Late Victorian Britain: Materiality, Modernity, And The Haptic Sublime

This book is about the rise of a new ethos in British mountaineering during the late nineteenth century. It traces how British attitudes to mountains were transformed by developments both within the new sport of mountaineering and in the wider fin-de-siècle culture. The emergence of the new genre of mountaineering literature, which helped to create a self-conscious community of c

The Navy Gave Me Shoes free ebook


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The Navy Gave Me Shoes

A memoir of a WWII Veteran of the US Navy Submarine Service from his growing up years in the hard times of the Great Depression to the end of his 25 year Navy career.

The Nazi Flying Saucer Story: My Contact With Advanced Technology Of The Third Reich

Are all flying saucers from outer space? This book says "No!" This was the first book in the English language to deal with Nazi saucers and actually present diagrams of the craft. In this case, the diagrams were given to the author (Michael X. Barton) by a friend in the aerospace industry, who later disappeared (as did Barton).

Most of the other Nazi saucer book

Zweiter Weltkrieg Erlebnisbericht Von Den Ersten Schlachten Des Russlandfeldzuges 22. Juni 1941: Unternehmen Barbarossa

22. Juni 1941. In der Nacht vor diesem Tag waren rund 3,2 Millionen deutscher Soldaten darüber informiert worden, dass Hitler, Ihr oberster Befehlshaber, sich zum Krieg gegen die Sowjetunion entschlossen habe.

Die Würfel waren gefallen, und um 3 Uhr mor-gens standen 153 deutsche Infanterie-und Panzerdivisionen sowie rumänische Verbände zum Angriff gege

Ever A Soldier: Reflections Of A Veteran - From Horse Cavalryman To Wwii To Vietnam

How does a soldier live with the inhumanity of war and survive to live in peace afterward? What came before in the lives of our defenders that allowed them to stand so strongly? Perhaps most importantly, what comes after as they strive to make new lives for themselves and their families?

Men like Philip Bishop may have the best answers. In Ever A Soldier, Lilly Robbins Br

Afrika Korps: Book One free ebook


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Afrika Korps: Book One

"… What madness had Germany the world brought upon it? I knew this was something that future generations would pay for dearly and Germany would never be allowed to forget. I loved my country, but I knew it would end badly for Germany and for all who had supported her. I was a part of it; I had been, for several years. I had made a dangerous decision many years ago to serve t