Excel Genius - Level 1 Training (excel Genius Training)

Join Excel Genius, Randall Kern, on an interactive journey into the inner workings of Microsoft Excel. This is the first book in a series of four that will introduce you to Workbooks, Spreadsheets, Tables, Ranges, Formulas and more. Let Randall take the mystery out of this feature rich program.

Microsoft Excel 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts For Macintosh (shortcut Matters)

Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet program used for budgeting, accounting, bookkeeping, small businesses and many more tasks is among the best spreadsheet programs available in the market today. Without an encyclopedic knowledge of Excel, one maybe found wanting in so many areas as far spreadsheet is concerned. That is why you need to really prepare yourself. Your preparation requires that you b

Microsoft Office Productivity Pack : A Newbie Step By Step Guide

With is book, I bring to you a bundle of my popular and fast selling Microsoft Office step by step guides on Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

You now have the complete Microsoft Office productivity pack that will greatly enhance your skills in these programs, so that you can use those skills to improve the management of your business operations.

A complete Step by Step Gu

Certification Quickbytes: Comptia A+ Exam 901: Hardware

A fast and easy way to study for the CompTIA A+ Hardware Exam 901, the Quickbytes book gives you the essential information you will need to pass the exam and build a solid foundation of hardware knowledge. The book is based on the outcomes of the CompTIA A+ 901 curriculum.

Mastering Excel: Data Tables free ebook


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Mastering Excel: Data Tables

This lesson covers data tables. Data tables are a way to analyze different scenarios in Excel. However, you can change many variables simultaneously and see the effect instantly. Data tables let you answer questions like: 'what's the effect of increasing price by $1 increments' and 'how can I create a gird that shows the interaction between a price changes and raw goods changes?'


Home Automation And Security Projects For Raspberry Pi (book 2)

Chapter 1 - Wireless Doorbell project for under £20/$25.

We show you how to receive signals from a Lloytron MIP wireless doorbell push on your Pi, and have your Pi take a photo from a Raspberry Pi camera module, time & date stamp it, and email it to your phone. Also works with Lloytron MIP wireless door sensors, wireless PIRs and other generic wireless driveway alarms. We also show y

A Practical Introduction To Verilog Using Mojo V3 free ebook


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A Practical Introduction To Verilog Using Mojo V3

This book is intended as a highly practical guide for those who want to learn designing digital circuits in Verilog HDL using a popular Mojo V3 FPGA board. The Mojo V3 is designed to make digital design easy and cost effective for anyone who is just getting started. This guide aims to get the readers familiar with basics of Verilog through designing various digital circuits using the Mojo V3