Essentials of Geology (Fourth Edition) free ebook


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Essentials of Geology (Fourth Edition)

Superior visuals and up-to-date research help students to see the world like a geologist. The Fourth Edition offers a streamlined, engaging approach to geologic processes, presented through visuals, photographs, and text, as well as discussions of modern science phenomena.Paperback: 648 pages Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; Fourth Edition edition (October 30, 2012) Language: English ISBN-10

Petrology: Principles and Practice free ebook


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Petrology: Principles and Practice

This undergraduate textbook on the key subject of geology closely follows the core curriculum adopted by most universities throughout the world and is a must for every geology student. It covers all aspects of petrology, including not only the principles of petrology but also applications to the origin, composition, and field relationships of rocks. Although petrology is commonly taught in the jun

Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins

Expert petroleum geologists David Roberts and Albert Bally bring you Regional Geology and Tectonics: Phanerozoic Rift Systems and Sedimentary Basins, volume two in a three-volume series covering Phanerozoic regional geology and tectonics. Experience in analyzing and assessing rifts-locations where the Earth's outer shell and crust have been stretched over time by seismic activity-is critical for y

Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula free ebook


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Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula

Written by one of Korea's most respected earth scientists, Geology and Sedimentology of the Korean Peninsula analyzes sedimentary facies, basin evolution, and sequence stratigraphy to provide answers to depositional processes and environmental changes through the Earth's history, including tectonic events, climate changes, and sea-level fluctuations. This is one of the first books covering the geo

Landscape Evolution in the United States: An Introduction to the Geography, Geology, and Natural History

This book was written for those curious about the natural wonder and beauty of the United States, for those wishing to delve into how mountains form and evolve beyond the obligatory colliding of continents, and for those who seek insight on the reasoning and methods geologists use to interpret landscape evolution and geological history. It is a textbook appropriate for first and second-year univer