The Royal Road To Card Magic free ebook


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The Royal Road To Card Magic

If you practice any sort of magic—or plan on giving it a try—you probably know that for most people, card tricks are often the starting point. If you have a deck of cards readily available, as many common households do, the only things required to wow an audience are a little sleight of hand and a magician's secrets.

In spite of the timeless credo “good magicians never reveal th

Game Development with Construct 2: From Design to Realization

English | PDF | 2017 | 248 Pages | ISBN : 1484227832 | 9.6 MB

Design and create video games using Construct 2. No prior experience is required.Game Development with Construct 2 teaches you to create 12 different game projects from a variety of genres, including car racing and tower defense to platformer and action-adventure. The software is user friendly and powerful, and the gam

The Absolute Correspondence Championship of the United States Chess Federation, 1976-2010

English | 2012 | ISBN: 0786472944, 9780786472949, B00ASIS8MG | 348 Pages | PDF | 1.55 MB

This collection of the games, most of them annotated, features the United States Chess Federation's premiere invitational tournament�Cthe Absolute Championship. Features include statistical results of participants from 1976 through 2010, results of many opening variations as played in the Absolutes, y

Dynamic Secularization: Information Technology and the Tension Between Religion and Science

English | PDF | 2017 | 270 Pages | ISBN : 331956501X | 6.3 MB

This book discusses secularization, arguing that it may be more complex and significant than is generally recognized. Using a number of online exploration methods, the author provides insights into how religion may be changing, and how information technology might be energized in this process.
Working from the premise that the

Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames free ebook


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Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames

English | 2007 | ISBN: 9780262026147 | 463 Pages | PDF | 10.25 MB

Videogames are an expressive medium, and a persuasive medium; they represent how real and imagined systems work, and they invite players to interact with those systems and form judgments about them. In this innovative analysis, Ian Bogost examines the way videogames mount arguments and influence players.

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy

English | 2003 | ISBN: 1403965382 | 232 Pages | PDF | 1.08 MB

What Video Games Have to Teach Us About Learning and Literacy is a book by James Paul Gee that focuses on the learning principles in video games and how these principles can be applied to the K-12 classroom. Video games can be used as tools to challenge players, when they are successful.

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