Janitors, Book 4: The Strike of the Sweepers free ebook


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Janitors, Book 4: The Strike of the Sweepers

The stakes have never been higher, and you have never seen squeegees do this before! It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer, Daisy, and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr. Clean's new and terrifying breed of toxite the Sweepers. Time is short. With the fabled Manualis Custodum in hand, Spencer must figure out how to summon the founding witches if they ever hope to mop up

The Crow: The Third Book of Pellinor (Pellinor Series)

 As this enthralling epic nears its climax, the young heroine’s brother discovers his own hidden gift — and the role he must play in battling the Dark.

 Hem is a weary orphan whose struggle for survival ends when he is reunited with his lost sister, Maerad. But Maerad has a destiny to fulfill, and Hem is sent to the golden city of Turbansk, where he learns the wa

Forever Frost: Bitter Frost (The Frost Series) free ebook


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Forever Frost: Bitter Frost (The Frost Series)

Breena's entry into Feyland is marred by danger and beauty. A prisoner in her own palace, she longs to see and touch her forbidden prince Kian. Yet her heart is also still with her friend Logan. The discovery of a long-lost figure in Breena's life propels Breena into adventure,love,romance, the heart of fey politics. In a stunning turn of events, Breena suddenly finds herself faced with

Van Horstmann (Warhammer Heroes) free ebook


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Van Horstmann (Warhammer Heroes)

One of the key ingredients to a successful work of fantasy is the storyteller's ability to create realistic characters and give them motives that any audience can relate to in a world that is anything but real. Ben Counter proves from the first few chapters of this book that he has that ability.

In the fantasy world of Warhammer, where epic tales of heroes have filled dozens of ot

Magical Tendencies (The Magical Tendencies Series Book 1)

Celeste Woods is happy with her life. But after one swift move by fate, a deliciously gorgeous man saves her from a demon attack and she learns that her life has never been what she had believed. 

After finding out that she is the queen of a supernatural realm with remarkable subjects, she wants to run away...and fast. But where would she run to? Into the arms of the incredibly s

The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.) free ebook


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The Clockwork Wolf (Disenchanted & Co.)

This series is really good steampunk with magical elements. Kit is the antithesis of magic ans as such finds and resolves issues involving magic. Most steampunk takes place in victorian england, but this series is set in an alternate american colonies called Toriana in the northwest. An aspect of Native American culture adds to the storyline. There are interesting supporting characters includin

The Undead Pool (Hollows) free ebook


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The Undead Pool (Hollows)

Rachel Morgan, day-walking demon witch, is at it again. Charms are misfiring all over Cincinnati and all roads lead back to Rachel. Trent Kalamack, Cinci's very own elven hottie is betrothed to Ellasbeth, and Rachel fights the urge to rip his clothes off and claim him for herself. All the master vampires in the city are snoozing and a rebel of free vamps are running rampant. Felix still has