City of Liars and Thieves: A Novel free ebook


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City of Liars and Thieves: A Novel

Publication Date: January 13, 2015

A crime that rocked a city. A case that stunned a nation. Based on the United States’ first recorded murder trial, Eve Karlin’s spellbinding debut novel re-creates early nineteenth-century New York City, where a love affair ends in a brutal murder and a conspiracy involving Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr e

Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega) free ebook


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Dead Heat (Alpha and Omega)

This is a fantastic book! I need to be clear up front that I am a huge fan of Patricia Briggs. I have read and enjoyed all of the books in the Mercy Thompson series and the Alpha & Omega series. I enjoy each series but I think that the Alpha & Omega series is my favorite out of the two. I just love Charles and Anna. I love each of them as individuals and I adore them as a couple.

Dark Debt: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel free ebook


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Dark Debt: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel

The Chicagoland Vampires series is one of my all time favourite Urban Fantasy series, and it just goes to show that the series is still going strong with the 11th book in the series. Dark Debt was another ripping installment packed full of action and suspense, all wrapped up in a world that I love to be swept away in.

Vision in Silver: A Novel of the Others free ebook


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Vision in Silver: A Novel of the Others

Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop is the 3rd book in her wonderful The Others fantasy series. As most of you already know, I am a huge fan of Anne Bishop, having read all of her books, and loving them all. When I started reading The Others with the first book, Written in Red, I had thought this was a different type of story and I immediately fell in love with this series. There is no question in

Terminal: A Virals Novel free ebook


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Terminal: A Virals Novel

The Virals are back—but they’re not the only pack in town anymore. Terminal finds Tory Brennan and the rest of the Morris Island gang tracking a pack of rogue Virals who call themselves the Trinity. The new pack was infected by a strain of supervirus created by Tory’s nemesis and sometimes-crush, Chance Clayborne, who accidentally infected himself, too.

These red-eye

Alternative and Activist New Media free ebook


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Alternative and Activist New Media

2011 | ISBN: 0745641830, 0745641849 | English | 200 pages | PDF | 2 MB 

A rich and accessible overview of the ways in which activists, artists, and citizen groups around the world use new media and information technologies to gain visibility and voice, present alternative or marginal views, share their own DIY information systems and content, and otherwise resist, talk back

The King's Man free ebook


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The King's Man

This was an adventurous on a never ending sea of disaster! Every time our hero tried to catch a break, a wave of misfortune dashed him upon the rocks of ever increasing gloom.