Power Engineering And Information Technologies In Technical Objects Control

Improved knowledge in the field of technical objects operation and control helps manufacturers to decrease energy consumption and keep construction costs low. Moreover, it helps dealing effectively with environmental problems and switching to renewable forms of energy on the path of sustainable development of the society. The methods and technologies presented in this book will allow to

Building Materials: Product Emission And Combustion Health Hazards

The construction industry is bombarded with ever-changing building materials―components of which are more and more difficult, if not impossible, to identify. Building material emissions have been implicated as a major source of indoor air pollution, and toxic gases, often unidentified, are generated in building fires.

Building Materials: Product Emission and Combustion

Predicting Vehicle Trajectory free ebook


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Predicting Vehicle Trajectory

This book concentrates on improving the prediction of a vehicle’s future trajectory, particularly on non-straight paths. Having an accurate prediction of where a vehicle is heading is crucial for the system to reliably determine possible path intersections of more than one vehicle at the same time. The US DOT will be mandating that all vehicle manufacturers begin implementing V2V

Sustainable Water Treatment: Innovative Technologies free ebook


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Sustainable Water Treatment: Innovative Technologies

This book focuses on green and innovative wastewater treatment technologies that promote sustainability. It discusses a variety of biological, physical, and chemical treatment technologies. It covers biological processes for recovery of value-added products from wastewater and gives an overview of enzymatic hydrolysis and bioremediation of wastewater using immobilized enzyme and fungus.

Prevention Of Accidents And Unwanted Occurrences: Theory, Methods, And Tools In Safety Management, Second Edition

This new edition comes after about 15 years of development in the field of safety science and practice. The book addresses the question of how to improve risk assessments, investigations, and organizational learning inside companies in order to prevent unwanted occurrences. The book helps the reader in analyzing the subject from different scientific perspectives to demonstrate how they

Rock Mechanics And Engineering Volume 1: Principles free ebook


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Rock Mechanics And Engineering Volume 1: Principles

Principles is the first volume of the five-volume set Rock Mechanics and Engineering and contains twenty-four chapters from key experts in the following fields:

- Discontinuities;

- Anisotropy;

- Rock Stress;

- Geophysics;

- Strength Criteria;

- Modeling Rock Deformation and Failure.

Labyrinth And Piano Key Weirs Iii: Proceedings Of The 3rd International Workshop On Labyrinth And Piano Key Weirs

Since the first implementation by Electricité de France on the Goulours dam (France) in 2006, the Piano Key Weir has become a more and more applied solution to increase the discharge capacity of existing spillways. In parallel, several new large dam projects have been built with such a flood control structure, usually in combination with gates. Today, more than 25 Piano Key Weirs