Green Power: Perspectives On Sustainable Electricity Generation

Green Power: Perspectives on Sustainable Electricity Generation provides a systematic overview of the current state of green power and renewable electrical energy production in the world. Presenting eight in-depth case studies of green power production and dissemination, it illustrates the experiences and best practices of various countries on this topic of critical importance.

The bo

Elements Of Algebraic Coding Systems free ebook


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Elements Of Algebraic Coding Systems

Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems is an introductory text to algebraic coding theory. In the first chapter, you'll gain inside knowledge of coding fundamentals, which is essential for a deeper understanding of state-of-the-art coding systems. This book is a quick reference for those who are unfamiliar with this topic, as well as for use with specific applications such as cryptography and

Continuing And Changing Priorities Of Asme Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes And Standards

This comprehensive work written by ASME Codes & Standards experts was originally published as part of Volume 3 of the Companion Guide to the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. This fully updated and expanded volume is now a stand-alone publication that addresses Continuing and Changing Priorities for the success of current and next generation Nuclear Reactors and Internals, License Renewal,

Primer On Engineering Standards free ebook


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Primer On Engineering Standards

Standards play a very important part in the engineering world. They supplement the design process by guiding the designer or user to ensure consistent products with safe and reliable operation. Understanding and complying with pertinent standards helps to ensure a successful design, fabrication, and operation of a product. This book introduces the concept of standards and their impact and va

Thermal Management Of Telecommunications Equipment free ebook


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Thermal Management Of Telecommunications Equipment

This is a comprehensive book that addresses both thermal and mechanical reliabilities as well as energy efficiency in the design of all types of telecommunications equipment, including indoor and outdoor systems. This book places a great deal of emphasis on providing practical solutions to thermal issues facing today's telecommunications industry. Materials presented in the book are based on

Thermal Power Plant Cooling: Context And Engineering free ebook


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Thermal Power Plant Cooling: Context And Engineering

This book focuses on engineering fundamentals of water use for cooling needs of thermoelectric, or steam cycle, power plants, along with environmental and economic contexts. Water has historically been abundant and cheap; however, the ever-growing human demands for fresh surface water and groundwater are potentially putting ecosystems at risk. Water demands for energy production and electric

Asme International Steam Tables For Industrial Use free ebook


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Asme International Steam Tables For Industrial Use

Industrial steam tables exist to provide a standard set of properties of water and steam for manufacturers, customers, and other parties. Three desirable qualities for a set of industrial steam tables are accuracy, self-consistency, and stability. The properties must be reasonably accurate and self-consistent to support quality design of equipment. A formulation must remain the standard for