Holistic Pedagogy: The Self and Quality Willed Learning

This book illuminates what must always be at the heart of powerful schooling and authentic learning. Its focus is on free learning, with an emphasis on early East Asian thought as a vehicle through which learning may emerge. The volume describes learning as helping the learner become more conscious, more aware. As such the authors explain how quality learning encompasses all learning that is ch

Intensive Care in Neurology and Neurosurgery free ebook


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Intensive Care in Neurology and Neurosurgery

Neuromonitoring is a tool of the trade in intensive care, and should incorporate cutting-edge technology with patience, repeated clinical observation, and careful identification of neuroworsening. The aim of the book is to be of practical use, and to assist the clinical practice of the busy physician. The clinical examination is the introductory section of the book, and an abundance of technolo

Amglish, in Like, Ten Easy Lessons: A Celebration of the New World Lingo

One of the world's leading linguists recently wrote: "We may be seeing the birth of a new language as yet without a name." He was referencing the new informal mixture of English and other languages being freely formed around the world, with little effort to conform to prescribed rules of grammar, syntax, or spelling.

Amglish in, Like, Ten Easy Lessons: A Celebration of t

Teaching and Learning Science: A Guide to Recent Research and its Applications (Continuum Collection)

Continuum has repackaged some of its key academic backlist titles to make them available at a more affordable price. These reissues will have new ISBNs, distinctive jackets and strong branding. They cover a range of subject areas that have a continuing student sale and make great supplementary reading more accessible. This unique book highlights research implications for the teaching and learni

Dual Studieren im Blick: Entstehungsbedingungen,Interessenlagen und Umsetzungserfahrungen in dualen Studiengaengen (German Edition)

Duale Studiengange haben sich in Deutschland etabliert und sind weiterhin auf Expansionskurs. Keine 'Abi-Messe', auf der dieser Weg nicht an pointierter Stelle beworben wird. Die Moglichkeit, zwei Abschlusse, einen beruflichen und einen akademischen, gleichzeitig zu erlangen, ist fur viele studienberechtigte Jugendliche sehr attraktiv. Der hohe Praxisbezug und die guten Karrierechancen

Facial Nerve free ebook


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Facial Nerve

This text will be an essential reference to those interested in aspects of the facial nerve. The strength of the authors and the quality of the illustrations should make this one of the leading books on the topic for years to come.   Doody's Enterprises, Inc .