Writing Book Blurbs And Synopses: Professional Techniques For Fiction Authors (writer's Craft) (volume 19)

Do you want a synopsis that persuades agents to request the whole manuscript? Does your book need a description that entices Amazon customers click the 'Buy Now' button? This guide shows you step-by-step how to create six effective short forms for selling your manuscript to publishers and your indie-published book to readers: * The SYNOPSIS synopsis shows the novel’s plot

The Wildcrafted Cocktail free ebook


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The Wildcrafted Cocktail

Meet the natural lovechild of the popular local-foods movement and craft cocktail scene. It’s here to show you just how easy it is to make delicious, one-of-a-kind mixed drinks with common flowers, berries, roots, and leaves that you can find along roadsides or in your backyard. Foraging expert Ellen Zachos gets the party started with recipes for more than 50 garnishes, syrups, infusions,

Writing Vivid Emotions: Professional Techniques For Fiction Authors (writer's Craft) (volume 22)

Do you want your characters to feel such strong emotions that the readers' scalps prickle, their mouths go dry and their hearts thud like they're sharing the experience? Do you want to convey fear or happiness in ways that make the readers feel heat radiating through their chest or cold sweat trickling down their spine rather than the tired 'he was afraid' or 'she felt happy'? Step by step,

Master The Mods! : Minecraft®™ Secrets & Cool Ways To Take Your Building Games To Another Level

You've built a great base, a secret hideout, and other awesome builds. You've mined diamond, gold, and iron. You may have even played around with Redstone or fought the Ender Dragon. Now, take your Minecraft game to a whole new level by experiencing the coolest mods—short for modifications—available. Mods change the game of Minecraft, both in ways that can be small and simple, such as be

The American Retail Value Proposition: Crafting Unique Experiences At Compelling Prices

by Kyle Murray (Author)

The American economy is profoundly dependent on the success of its retailers and the strength of its consumer spending. Yet, how do leading retailers create value for their customers?

To a large extent this has been accomplished by streamlining operations and a decades-long focus on cost cutting and price competitiveness. Today, reta

The Node Craftsman Book free ebook


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The Node Craftsman Book

Key Features

This book will help readers to dive deeper into software development with Node.js and JavaScript

Takes a craftsman approach to Node.js and object-orientation and test-driven development

Crafts many of the small details of Node.js and through to fully-fledged web applications with REST

Book Description

The Node Craftsman Book helps JavaScript pr

The Dramatic Portrait: The Art Of Crafting Light And Shadow

Without light, there is no photograph. As almost every photographer knows, the word “photograph” has its roots in two Greek words that, together, mean “drawing with light.” But what is less commonly acknowledged and understood is the role that shadow plays in creating striking, expressive imagery, especially in portraiture. It is through deft, nuanced use of both light and shadow tha