Fundamental Spacecraft Dynamics And Control free ebook


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Fundamental Spacecraft Dynamics And Control

An extensive text reference includes around an asteroid – a new and important topic

• Covers the most updated contents in spacecraft dynamics and control, both in theory and application

• Introduces the application to motion around asteroids – a new and important topic

• Written by a very experienced researcher in this area

Bmw Mini: An Enthusiast's Guide free ebook


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Bmw Mini: An Enthusiast's Guide

The R-Series BMW MINI had a lot to live up to.

Launched in 2001, it was riding in the wake of the classic 1959-2000 Mini. At the time, BMW were going to have to create something as special and innovative as its longstanding predecessor in order to silence the naysayers. And they did. Since its launch in 2001, BMW's modern MINI has become the pinnacle of small yet funky family cars in

Writing Vivid Plots: Professional Techniques For Fiction Authors (writer's Craft) (volume 20)

Do you want to give your novel a powerful story line? Do you want to power up a draft you’ve written? This guide shows professional techniques for developing and structuring your fiction book. It solves plot problems such as slow beginnings, sagging middles and flat endings, and guides you to write specific story parts such as the ‘Black Moment’ and the ‘Climax&r

Writing Book Blurbs And Synopses: Professional Techniques For Fiction Authors (writer's Craft) (volume 19)

Do you want a synopsis that persuades agents to request the whole manuscript? Does your book need a description that entices Amazon customers click the 'Buy Now' button? This guide shows you step-by-step how to create six effective short forms for selling your manuscript to publishers and your indie-published book to readers: * The SYNOPSIS synopsis shows the novel’s plot

The Wildcrafted Cocktail free ebook


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The Wildcrafted Cocktail

Meet the natural lovechild of the popular local-foods movement and craft cocktail scene. It’s here to show you just how easy it is to make delicious, one-of-a-kind mixed drinks with common flowers, berries, roots, and leaves that you can find along roadsides or in your backyard. Foraging expert Ellen Zachos gets the party started with recipes for more than 50 garnishes, syrups, infusions,