Benchmarking Peer-to-Peer Systems: Understanding Quality of Service in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

Peer-to-peer systems are now widely used and have become the focus of attention for many researchers over the past decade. A number of algorithms for decentralized search, content distribution, and media streaming have been developed. This book provides fundamental concepts for the benchmarking of those algorithms in peer-to-peer systems. It also contains a collection of characteristic benchmarkin

Principles of Computer Security Lab Manual, Fourth Edition

Practice the Computer Security Skills You Need to Succeed! 40+ lab exercises challenge you to solve problems based on realistic case studies Step-by-step scenarios require you to think critically Lab analysis tests measure your understanding of lab results Lab analysis tests measure your understanding of lab results Key term quizzes help build your vocabulary In this Lab Manual, you'll prac

Autodesk Revit Architecture 2015: No Experience Required: Autodesk Official Press

Learn Revit Architecture the hands-on way For those who like to learn by doing, this Autodesk Official Press book shows you how to build a four-story office building one step at a time, providing you with real-world practice you might expect to encounter on the job. Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial make this book the perfect way

AutoCAD 2015 and AutoCAD LT 2015: No Experience Required: Autodesk Official Press

Learn AutoCAD by example with this tutorial-based guide from Autodesk Official Press Whether you are just starting out or an experienced user wanting to brush up on your skills, this Autodesk Official Press book provides you with concise explanations, focused examples, and step-by-step instructions through a hands-on tutorial project that runs throughout the book. As you progress through the proj

Moving from C to C++: Discussing programming problems,why they exist and how C++ solves them

The author says it best, I hope to move you, a little at a time,from understanding C to the point where C++ becomes your mindset. This remarkable book is designed to streamline the process of learning C++ in a way that discusses programming problems, why they exist, and the approach C++ has taken to solve such problems. You can't just look at C++ as a collection of features some of the feature

Tomes Of Delphi: Basic 32-BIT free ebook


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Tomes Of Delphi: Basic 32-BIT

Developer's Guide to Delphi Communications is another addition to the highly successful Delphi series from Wordware. This is the only title on the market that provides a comprehensive overview to the communications capability of Delphi relative to the major communications protocols, such as TCP/IP, MAPI, SMTP, and HTTP.Series: Tomes of Delphi Paperback: 554 pages Publisher: Wordware Publishing,

Delphi Developer's Guide to XML free ebook


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Delphi Developer's Guide to XML

This XML guide explains how to apply the power and flexibility of Delphi to XML, and provides a solid introduction to the technologies that make up XML and its related specifications.About the Author Keith Wood is a senior systems architect with Active Health Management, based in Chantilly, Virginia. He has used Delphi since its first release and is a frequent contributor of technical articles to