Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes free ebook


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Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes

 Electrochemical Polymer Electrolyte Membranes covers PEMs from fundamentals to applications, describing their structure, properties, characterization, synthesis, and use in electrochemical energy storage and solar energy conversion technologies. Featuring chapters authored by leading experts from academia and industry, this authoritative text: 

 Discusses cutting-edge

Sodium Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle free ebook


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Sodium Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle

 Sodium Fast Reactors with Closed Fuel Cycle delivers a detailed discussion of an important technology that is being harnessed for commercial energy production in many parts of the world. Presenting the state of the art of sodium-cooled fast reactors with closed fuel cycles, this book:
 Offers in-depth coverage of reactor physics, materials, design, safety analysis, validations

Introductory Quantum Mechanics for Applied Nanotechnology

 This introductory textbook covers fundamental quantum mechanics from an application perspective, considering optoelectronic devices, biological sensors and molecular imagers as well as solar cells and field effect transistors. 

 The book provides a brief review of classical and statistical mechanics and electromagnetism, and then turns to the quantum treatment of atoms

Applications of Ionic Liquids in Polymer Science and Technolog

This book summarizes the latest knowledge in the science and technology of ionic liquids and polymers in different areas. Ionic liquids (IL) are actively being investigated in polymer science and technology for a number of different applications. In the first part of the book the authors present the particular properties of ionic liquids as speciality solvents. The state-of-the art in the use o

Nanotechnology (Wiley-VCH, 2007) free ebook


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Nanotechnology (Wiley-VCH, 2007)

This book starts out with the most important fundamentals of microtechnology and chemistry on which the understanding of shaping nanoscale structures are based. Next, a variety of examples illustrate the fabrication of nanostructures from different materials, before, finally, methods for characterization of the generated structures are presented.

Electrochemical Water Oxidation at Iron(III) Oxide Electrodes: Controlled Nanostructuring as Key for Enhanced Water Oxidation Efficiency

Sandra Haschke presents a strategy to enhance the Fe2O3 electrode performance by controlled nanostructuring of the catalyst surface, based on anodized aluminum oxide coated by means of atomic layer deposition. Furthermore, she investigates the influence of underlying conductive layers and post-deposition annealing on the electrode performance and the associated changes in morphology and chemica