The Story Engine: An Entrepreneur's Guide To Content Strategy And Brand Storytelling Without Spending All Day Writing

Every entrepreneur has a story to tell, whether they’re running seven-figure startups or small personal brands. Your story is the most powerful asset you have at your disposal. It can cut through the noise and connect you with your customers. Content marketing is one of the most affordable and powerful digital marketing tools available to tell your story at scale. Maybe you’ve considered

The Dance Of The Possible: The Mostly Honest Completely Irreverent Guide To Creativity

This short, fast paced, irreverent guide to creativity is for everyone who wants better ideas and to finish projects they inspire. In 21 short chapters you'll discover a fresh way to understand creative thinking, how ideas work, plus insights from decades of study on both how to be more productive and creative at the same time.

With challenging chapters on topics like creative confide

The Discourses Of Capitalism: Everyday Economists And The Production Of Common Sense

Since the global economic crisis of 2007–2008, ‘capitalism’ has been the topic of widespread general discussion in both mainstream and social media. In this book, Christian W. Chun examines the discourses of capitalism taken up by people in their responses to a street art installation created by Steve Lambert, entitled Capitalism Works for Me! In doing so, he considers several key ques

Financial Management: Concepts And Applications free ebook


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Financial Management: Concepts And Applications

For courses in Corporate Finance

A balanced overview of financial management theory and practice

Finance is one of the key drivers of a firm’s activities, and a critical component to understanding business in general. Financial Management: Concepts and Applications is designed to help students with no prior knowledge grasp the applications and relevance of finance. Author Ste

Economics Of The 1% free ebook


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Economics Of The 1%

How much do economists really know? In most cases, they claim to have profound knowledge but in fact understand little and obscure almost everything. Most people are convinced that economics should be left to the ‘experts’, when they themselves are perfectly capable of understanding it.

Fundamentals Of Multinational Finance (5th Edition) free ebook


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Fundamentals Of Multinational Finance (5th Edition)

Fundamentals of Multinational Finance is intended for use in undergraduate International Financial Management, International Business Finance, or International Finance courses. It is also suitable for readers interested in global financial management.

A focused, streamlined approach to creating a global financial management strategy.

Tomorrow’s business leaders will be expect