Emerging Raman Applications and Techniques in Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Fields

In recent years, Raman spectroscopy has undergone a major transformation from a specialist laboratory technique to a practical analytical tool. This change was driven on several parallel fronts by dramatic advances in laser instrumentation, detectors, spectrometers, and optical ?lter technology. This resulted in the advent of a new generation of compact and robust Raman instruments with improved s

Computational Systems Bioinformatics: CSB2006 Conference Proceedings Stanford CA, 14-18 August 2006

This volume contains about 40 papers covering many of the latest developments in the fast-growing field of bioinformatics. The contributions span a wide range of topics, including computational genomics and genetics, protein function and computational proteomics, the transcriptome, structural bioinformatics, microarray data analysis, motif identification, biological pathways and systems, and biome

Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology free ebook


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Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Extensive application of bioprocesses has generated an expansion in biotechnological knowledge, generated by the application of biochemical engineering to biotechnology. Microorganisms produce alcohols and acetone that are used in industrial processes. The knowledge related to industrial microbiology has been revolutionized by the ability of genetically engineered cells to make many new products.

Ion Beam Therapy: Fundamentals, Technology, Clinical Applications

The book provides a detailed, up-to-date account of the basics, the technology, and the clinical use of ion beams for radiation therapy. Theoretical background, technical components, and patient treatment schemes are delineated by the leading experts that helped to develop this field from a research niche to its current highly sophisticated and powerful clinical treatment level used to the benefit

Biomedical Optical Imaging Technologies: Design and Applications

This book provides an introduction to design of biomedical optical imaging technologies and their applications. The main topics include: fluorescence imaging, confocal imaging, micro-endoscope, polarization imaging, hyperspectral imaging, OCT imaging, multimodal imaging and spectroscopic systems. Each chapter is written by the world leaders of the respective fields, and will cover: principles

Cell Motility free ebook


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Cell Motility

A much-needed work that provides an authoritative overview of the fundamental biological facts, theoretical models, and current experimental developments in this fascinating area. Cell motility is fundamentally important to a number of biological and pathological processes. The main challenge in the field of cell motility is to develop a complete physical description on how and why cells move. For

Water and Biomolecules: Physical Chemistry of Life Phenomena

Life is produced by the interplay of water and biomolecules. This book deals with the physicochemical aspects of such life phenomena produced by water and biomolecules, and addresses topics including Protein Dynamics and Functions, Protein and DNA Folding, and Protein Amyloidosis. All sections have been written by internationally recognized front-line researchers. The idea for this book was born a