The Solar Activity Cycle: Physical Causes and Consequences (Space Sciences Series of ISSI)

A collection of papers edited by four experts in the field, this book sets out to describe the way solar activity is manifested in observations of the solar interior, the photosphere, the chromosphere, the corona and the heliosphere. The 11-year solar activity cycle, more generally known as the sunspot cycle, is a fundamental property of the Sun. This phenomenon is the generation and evolution

Den Nachthimmel erleben: Sonne, Mond und Sterne - Praktische Astronomie zum Anfassen [German]

Dieses Buch zeigt, wie spannend Astronomie sein kann. Mit einfachen Beobachtungen kann man wichtige Fragen der Menschheit erortern: Wie ist das Universum entstanden und wo ist unser Platz darin?

 Der Leser erhalt praktische Informationen, um die Faszination des Nachthimmels selbst zu erleben: Welches Teleskop ist geeignet, welche Details lassen sich damit auf den Himmelskorpern e

Die grossen Fragen - Universum (German Edition) free ebook


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Die grossen Fragen - Universum (German Edition)

Die gro?en Fragen behandeln grundlegende Probleme und Konzepte in Wissenschaft und Philosophie, die Forscher und Denker seit jeher umtreiben. Anspruch der ambitionierten Reihe ist es, die Antworten auf diese Fragen zu prasentieren und damit die wichtigsten Gedanken der Menschheit in einzigartigen Ubersichten zu bundeln. Im vorliegenden Band Universum geht Stuart Clark den 20 entscheidenden Frag

Allen's Astrophysical Quantities (4th edition) free ebook


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Allen's Astrophysical Quantities (4th edition)

2002 | 740 Pages | ISBN: 1461270375 | PDF | 60 MB

This new, fourth, edition of Allen's classic Astrophysical Quantities belongs on every astronomer's bookshelf. It has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date by a team of more than ninety internationally renowned astronomers and astrophysicists. While it follows the basic format of the original, this indispensable r

The Amateur Astronomer's Guide to the Deep-Sky Catalogs

English | Sep 25, 2011 | ISBN: 1461406552 | 380 Pages | PDF | 2.2 MB

Every amateur astronomer has at least heard of the many different catalogs of deep-sky objects; the most well known are the Messier, the Caldwell, the Herschel, and the NGC. All of these catalogs are, in general, readily available, but very few amateur observers are in a position to choose the best catalog for t

The Modern Amateur Astronomer free ebook


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The Modern Amateur Astronomer

English | Oct 16, 1995 | ISBN: 3540199004 | 166 Pages | PDF | 5.7 MB

Along with its companion book, The Observational Amateur Astronomer, this is a comprehensive guide for every amateur astronomer who wants to do more than just stargaze. Each chapter has been written by a well-known professional or amateur astronomer, chosen for their specialist knowledge. Topics range from buyin

Astronomical Optics, Second Edition free ebook


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Astronomical Optics, Second Edition

Provides a unified treatment of the characteristics of telescopes of all types, including telescopes whose performance is set by geometrical aberrations and the effect of the atmosphere, and those diffraction-limited telescopes designed for observations from above the atmosphere.