Art Unlimited?: Dynamics And Paradoxes Of A Globalizing Art World (cultural Studies)

Until recently still a blank spot on the world map of art, China today plays a major role in the global art market and has captured attention due to the speculations and the covetousness of its protagonists. But what is really happening on the spot, beyond the ethnocentric distortions of the Western viewpoint? What social representations and uses of art can be identified? A research tea

Photography Demystified - For Kids!: A Kids Guide And Parents Resource For Fun And Learning Photography Together!

Photography Demystified—FOR KIDS! A Kid’s Guide and Parent’s Resource to Fun and Learning Photography Together, the fourth in the Photography Demystified series, is specifically designed for parents to read and follow with their children to create a fun-filled bond and hobby within the family. Many of the projects can be done even with the simplest of cameras, includin

Design Principles free ebook


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Design Principles

Design Principles provides a clear, detailed guide to the elements and methods for composing artwork. Complemented by 465 illustrations, the concepts discussed are applicable to painting, graphic design, photography, architecture, film making and more. Ramirez details the essential points to help you achieve the following:

-Create artwork that demonstrates competency.

100 Tips To The Beginning Photographer On Every Day free ebook


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100 Tips To The Beginning Photographer On Every Day

This book includes practical tips for photographers.

Today, a photographer - what is there to hide - every second becomes: these are the ladies on maternity leave, and taxi drivers, and many others. In the abundant information flow imposed by fashion vivid pictures, many young photographers with good creative potential are lost.

My book is a set of recommen

Create Perfect Paintings: An Artist's Guide To Visual Thinking

The Ultimate Resource and Reference Guide for Artists!

Discover an innovative self-critique method that will empower you to answer the artist's most common questions, Now What? and Is it Finished? as you learn to identify and overcome painting issues faced by artists regardless of medium or style. With hundreds of insights, tips, illustrated techniques and ideas, Crea

Pen, Pencil, Charcoal Sketch Concepts free ebook


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Pen, Pencil, Charcoal Sketch Concepts

This is a training on using pen, pencil and charcoal to draw unique sketches in both on several surfaces. It is a step by step training with all the guide you would need to become a professional artist.

3d Facial Approximation Lab Manual free ebook


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3d Facial Approximation Lab Manual

Dr Susan Hayes is a researcher specializing in estimating facial appearance from the skull. Her applied research and academic publications span the archaeological and forensic sciences, with the results frequently attracting international media attention.

This fully illustrated Lab Manual has been written so that anyone, regardless of their interests and background, can g