Your Green Home: A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series), First Printing Edition

2006 | ISBN: 0865715556 | English | 256 Pages | PDF | 3.1 MB

More and more homeowners today want houses that are healthy to live in and cause minimal damage to the environment. That's what green building is all about.

Your Green Home is written for homeowners planning a new home-whether you are working with an architect or builder, or serving as your own genera

Urban Design: Green Dimensions, Second Edition free ebook


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Urban Design: Green Dimensions, Second Edition

2005 | ISBN: 0750662077 | English | 272 Pages | PDF | 9.6 MB

In Green Dimensions, Cliff Moughtin relates sustainable development and green design to the realm of urban design and development. Examining regional and local frameworks for design and planning, this book shows how sustainable urban design can be implemented on every scale.

Working from a strong theoreti

Professional Architectural Photography (Professional Photography Series), 3rd Edition

2001 | ISBN: 0240516729 | English | 208 Pages | PDF | 7.4 MB

This is a must-have guide both for aspiring students and for established professionals who need to keep up to speed with the current impact of recent digital developments.

In this highly visual, full colour text Michael Harris shares his professional secrets and demonstrates how to achieve top quality arc

Architectural drawing and light construction, 2nd Edition

Prentice-Hall | 1976 | ISBN: 0130445789 | English | 522 Pages | PDF | 67.3 MB

For courses in Architectural Drawing and Design, Construction Materials and Methods, and Residential Design and Construction.Using clear, concise explanations and numerous illustrations, the Sixth Edition of this text retains the thorough approach of the previous edition to introduce the basics of archi

Architecture After Modernism (World of Art) free ebook


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Architecture After Modernism (World of Art)

Thames and Hudson | 1996 | ISBN: 050020294X | English | 244 Pages | PDF | 60 MB

An examination of the architectural world and its theories since the late 1960s in the context of social and political issues. It looks at a broad survey of buildings, but focuses on specific "megaprojects" as examples for discussion: the Disney empire and its amusement parks in the context