City Logistics: Modelling, Planning And Evaluation free ebook


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City Logistics: Modelling, Planning And Evaluation

by Eiichi Taniguchi (Editor)

This volume on city logistics presents recent advances of modelling urban freight transport as well as planning and evaluating city logistics policy measures in the academic research areas and practices. The contributions of eleven chapters have come from eight countries, including Japan, UK, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Singapore, Indonesi

Mastering Autocad 2015 And Autocad Lt 2015 free ebook


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Mastering Autocad 2015 And Autocad Lt 2015

The ultimate reference and tutorial for AutoCAD software This Autodesk Official Press book employs concise explanations, focused examples, step–by–step instructions, and hands–on projects to help you master both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. This detailed guide works well as both a tutorial and stand–alone reference, and is the perfect resource regardless of your level of expertise. Part I

Sketches Of Early American Architecture free ebook


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Sketches Of Early American Architecture

These 53 magnificent drawings by a distinguished architect recapture landmarks of colonial America. Originally published in 1922, Otto Reinhold Eggers' portfolio of pencil sketches depicts historic structures in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore as well as those of smaller towns in Connecticut, Virginia, and elsewhere. Images of churches, municipal structures, homes, and

Cosmic Rays And Particle Physics, Second Edition free ebook


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Cosmic Rays And Particle Physics, Second Edition

by Thomas K. Gaisser (Author), Ralph Engel (Author), Elisa Resconi (Author)

Fully updated for the second edition, this book introduces the growing and dynamic field of particle astrophysics. It provides an overview of high-energy nuclei, photons and neutrinos, including their origins, their propagation in the cosmos, their detection on Earth and their relation to each oth

Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Tracing The Next Generation

by James Steele (Author)

Contemporary Japanese Architecture presents a clear and comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural framework that informs the work of all Japanese architects, as an introduction to an in-depth investigation of the challenges now occupying the contemporary designers who will be the leaders of the next generation. It separates out the you

The University of Iowa Guide to Campus Architecture (Bur Oak Guide)

English | 2006 | ISBN: 0877459908 | 310 Pages | PDF | 11,7 MB

The University of Iowa boasts an outstanding ensemble of buildings whose stylistic diversity reflects the breadth of Iowa's contributions to research, education, and creative activities. In this first comprehensive guide to the university's architecture, authors John Scott and Rodney Lehnertz reveal the artisti

Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture free ebook


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Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture

English | 2009 | ISBN: 159726587X, 1597265888 | 200 Pages | PDF | 1,3 MB

Public Produce makes a uniquely contemporary case not for central government intervention, but for local government involvement in shaping food policy. In what Darrin Nordahl calls municipal agriculture, elected officials, municipal planners, local policymakers, and public space designers are turning to the abundance o