Measure and Construction of the Japanese House (Contains 250 Floor Plans and Sketches Aspects of Joinery)

1985 | ISBN: 0804814929 | English | 149 Pages | True PDF | 92 MB

A remarkable classic work on traditional Japanese architecture and its general integrative quality, the order of space and form, the flexibility of partitions and room functions and other important or unique qualities. The author describes in detail, and with numerous architectural plans and drawings, the influence

Lighting for Today's Homemaker free ebook


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Lighting for Today's Homemaker

English | 24 Apr. 2017 | ASIN: B071KV2LQ3 | 92 Pages | PDF (Scan) | 73.5 MB

This vintage trade catalog from 1955 has been digitally converted to downloadable format with original illustrations. A great classic for the home or classroom, an interesting old-fashioned reference book, and an outstanding find.

Smart Civil Structures free ebook


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Smart Civil Structures

A smart civil structure integrates smart materials, sensors, actuators, signal processors, communication networks, power sources, diagonal strategies, control strategies, repair strategies, and life-cycle management strategies. It should function optimally and safely in its environment and maintain structural integrity during strong winds, severe earthquakes, and other extreme events.

A Book Of Bridges: Here To There And Me To You free ebook


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A Book Of Bridges: Here To There And Me To You

Bridges are some of the most fascinating structures in our landscape, and they come in all forms. From towering suspension bridges to humble stone crossings, this book visits them all in sweet, bouncing text with expository sidebars. But while bridges can be quite grand, this reminds us that their main purpose is bringing people together. This is perfect for budding architects, as well as re

Architecture And Urbanism In The British Empire free ebook


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Architecture And Urbanism In The British Empire

Throughout today's postcolonial world, buildings, monuments, parks, streets, avenues, entire cities even, remain as witness to Britain's once impressive if troubled imperial past. These structures are a conspicuous and near inescapable reminder of that past, and therefore, the built heritage of Britain's former colonial empire is a fundamental part of how we negotiate our postcolonial identi

Architectural Research Addressing Societal Challenges: Proceedings of the EAAE ARCC 10th International Conference (EAAE ARCC 2016), 15-18 June 2016, Lisbon, Portugal

English | 2017 | ISBN: 1138029661 | 1296 Pages | PDF | 300 MB

The escalating interdependecy of nations drives global geopolitics to shift ever more quickly. Societies seem unable to control any change that affects their cities, whether positively or negatively. Challenges are global, but solutions need to be implemented locally. How can architectural research contribute to the future of our

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction: ECPPM 2016: Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Product and Process ... 2016), Limassol, Cyprus, 7-9 September 2016

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1138032808 | 698 Pages | PDF | 83 MB

eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction 2016 collects the papers presented at the 11th European Conference on Product & Process Modelling (ECPPM 2016, Cyprus, 7-9 September 2016), The contributions cover complementary thematic areas that hold great promise for the advancement of research and technological