Japonski lekki krazownik Tama (Profile Morskie 22) [Polish]

Dwudziesty drugi zeszyt poswiecony zostala kolejnym japonskim krazownikom - typowi KUMA. Na uwage zasluguje kolorowa plansza z kompletnym -dwie burty i poklad-kamuflazem Tamy z 1941 roku wraz ze schematami olinowania (!) oraz dokladny przekroj wzdluzny okretu umieszczony na rozkladowce. Numer 22 drugi sygnowany jest nazwiskami dwoch autorow Slawomira Brzezinskiego i Piotra Wisniewskiego.

Translating Style: A Literary Approach to Translation - A Translation Approach to Literature

 Arising from a dissatisfaction with blandly general or abstrusely theoretical approaches to translation, this book sets out to show, through detailed and lively analysis, what it really means to translate literary style. Combining linguistic and lit crit approaches, it proceeds through a series of interconnected chapters to analyse translations of the works of D.H. Lawrence, Virginia Wool

Aortic Stenosis free ebook


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Aortic Stenosis

With the advent of less invasive treatments for aortic stenosis including percutaneous and apical replacement, more patients are being offered this technology. As such, determining the true severity of aortic stenosis is becoming paramount.  Many clinical scenarios occur where the area and gradient estimates of severity do not match.  This book will present case by case examples of di

Kidney Cancer: Principles and Practice free ebook


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Kidney Cancer: Principles and Practice

This interdisciplinary textbook encompasses all clinically relevant aspects of the disease and is designed to be as user-friendly as possible in order to meet the needs of the busy practitioner. To this end, the informative text is complemented by helpful boxed sections that present essential ‘take home’ points and illustrative patient-oriented cases. Original high-quality images, s

Meteorology Today: Introduction To Weather, Climate, And The Environment, 11th Edition

C. Donald Ahrens and Robert Henson combine expert content in weather, climate, and earth science with the interactive experience you expect from Cengage Learning. Grounded in the scientific method, this reader-friendly and highly visual book shows you how to observe, calculate, and synthesize information as a budding scientist, systematically analyzing meteorological concepts and issues. Specif