Aircraft Dynamics: From Modeling to Simulation free ebook


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Aircraft Dynamics: From Modeling to Simulation

Napolitano?s Aircraft Dynamics is designed to help readers extrapolate from low level formulas, equations, and details to high level comprehensive views of the main concepts. The text also helps readers with fundamental skills of learning the "basic modeling" of the aircraft aerodynamics and dynamics. The main objective is to organize the topics in "modular blocks" each of t

Modern Flight Dynamics free ebook


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Modern Flight Dynamics

This book is written primarily as a textbook, but with today's extensive military emphasis on unmanned flight drones and highly maneuverable vehicles, practicing aerospace engineers in the industry, as well as electrical engineers working in flight controls, will find this book a valuable reference.

The field of flight dynamics has evolved considerably, and is still evolving in la

Jet Propulsion: A Simple Guide to the Aerodynamic and Thermodynamic Design and Performance of Jet Engines

This second edition of Cumpsty's self-contained introduction to the aerodynamic and thermodynamic design of modern civil and military jet engines features two engine design projects. The first is for a new large passenger aircraft, and the second for a new fighter aircraft. The text introduces, illustrates and explains the important facets of modern engine design. Thoroughly updated and rev

The Great Aviation Story free ebook


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The Great Aviation Story

 In 1783, man soared into space, riding a hot-air balloon  as hot air is lighter than the air around us. Could an object, heavier than air, defy gravity and fly? In 1905, the Wright brothers found the answer and flew a machine heavier than air. That marked the beginning of the great aviation story. Since then, aircraft's range, speed and capability have increased manifold. So have

Lockheed Constellation: From Excalibur to Starliner Civilian and Military Variants

Designed just before World War Two after special requirements from the American tycoon Howard Hughes, the Lockheed Constellation is celebrated today as one of the finest flying machine ever built. As a civilian aircraft, it has been the first airliner able to cross the Atlantic Ocean non stop, but it also has had a respectable military career, thanks to its brilliant characteristics which allow

Highly Flexible Structures: Modeling, Computation, and Experimentation

This book provides new methods and advanced experimental techniques for the design, analysis, and testing of highly flexible deployable/inflatable structures (HFSs), including systematic nonlinear modeling approaches, newly developed geometrically exact structural theories, numerically exact solution methods, fully nonlinear finite element techniques, and non-contact techniques for static and d

Friendship 7: The Epic Orbital Flight of John H. Glenn, Jr.

In this spellbinding account of an historic but troubled orbital mission, noted space historian Colin Burgess takes us back to an electrifying time in American history, when intrepid pioneers were launched atop notoriously unreliable rockets at the very dawn of human space exploration.

 A nation proudly and collectively came to a standstill on the day this mission flew  a da